Monday, August 4, 2008

CO2 Cartridges - Safety and the Environment

Genuine Innovations CO2 cartridges are safe and environmentally friendly.

What is CO2? Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a pure and natural gas that is a major component of the Earth’s atmosphere. CO2 is fundamental to the basic life cycle in nature. Humans and animals exhale CO2 and then plants absorb it to help them grow. Plants, in turn, release oxygen, which humans and animals depend on for survival.

Is CO2 Safe for the Environment?
YES! Genuine Innovations’ CO2 is collected from a naturally occurring volcanic source or it is pulled directly from the atmosphere in gas refining process. It’s as safe as opening a soda bottle. A 12 gram CO2 cylinder has the same amount of CO2 found in a one liter bottle of soda.

Is CO2 Safe to Use? YES! Consumer products such as beverage carbonation, fire extinguishers, life jackets, soda siphons, and tire inflators have used CO2 safely for many years. Genuine Innovations’ CO2 cylinders are tested to ensure safety.

Can I recycle CO2 Cylinders? YES! Genuine Innovations’ CO2 cartridges are made of steel and are 100% recyclable. Empty CO2 cartridges can be placed in any recycling bin that accepts metal. Genuine Innovations’ CO2 cartridges contain about the same amount of metal as found in a soup can.

Why use CO2 instead of just air? Genuine Innovations CO2 inflators are quick, safe, easy to use, and provide years of dependable service. Genuine Innovations’ CO2 cartridges are very cost effective and a portable power solution for tire inflation.

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